Looking for the perfect side gig? Now is a great time to consider starting a Norwex® business! 

With winter on the way, it's a great opportunity to start your own business that runs on your schedule and gives you freedom to spend more time with your family —there’s no better time than now to join Norwex!

What’s in it for you?

 When you start your business, you will earn your Starter Kit for free! Simply reach $1,000 in Subtotal A sales in 30 days or $2,500 in 90 days to earn a fantastic range of Norwex products valued over $355.  This includes our revolutionary Telescopic Mop Handle, Window Cloth and Ultra Power Plus just to name a few! You'll also have access to Business Supplies and supportive Online Tools. As an Independent Consultant you’ll also receive a 32% Retail Discount on every purchase of our amazing products.

 You can help friends, family and loved ones create healthier, safer, cleaner homes with quality products that reduce chemicals and single-use waste.

 You’ll have immediate access to all the tools and training you need for success.

 It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn some income as you make an impact!

Could a side gig be right for you?

We get it—launching into something new can seem a little scary. But when you consider the benefits, the price and the timing, it’s almost a no-brainer. Ask yourself these questions to help determine if a Norwex business could be the right thing at the right time:

 Will you have more free time on your hands once school is out? Why not put it to work for you as you help others create healthier homes!

 Has staying home more made you a little more tech-savvy? Whether you work from home or connect with friends and family, you can take advantage of all our digital tools to get off to a great start. (And no worries if technology isn’t your thing; we have training and help that will get you up and running quicker than you can say, “Safe Haven!”)

 Do you know people who are looking for healthier, safer household cleaning products? Our amazing microfiber removes up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces with water alone** (and that’s just the beginning)!

 Do you know people who are concerned about harmful chemicals in their personal care products? Many Norwex Consultants have built their entire business around our safe and effective hair, skin and body products.

 Are you excited about running your own business on your own schedule? Our Consultants consistently say that one of the biggest benefits of a Norwex business is the ability to be available for their families.

What have you got to lose?

There are hundreds of benefits to running your own business as you help others live safer, happier, healthier lives, not to mention the personal growth that you can experience selling Norwex products as well as the opportunity to earn additional income with your 32% Retail Discount. Who knows? Like many of our Consultants, you may even find yourself building your own team as you discover all that Norwex has in store for you and your friends.

**When following proper care and use instructions.

† Starter Kit is provided at no charge, except for AUD$10.95 or NZ $11.45 shipping and handling plus tax, where applicable, to a new Independent Consultant who meets or exceeds the qualifying 30- or 90-day sales threshold from the date of enrollment. Norwex reserves the right to substitute or change contents based on availability.